Saturday October 27, 2001
Added ANOTHER custom report! Check it out... The "Overall Season Standings" report. This report was created by special request. You can get your own special request football pool reports as well! Just email me at

Sunday October 14, 2001
Added a new CUSTOM report! Check it out! It's on the "Other Reports" menu. This will be the start of other custom reports. What can we do for you??? Email me at to find out if we can accomodate your needs.

Saturday October 6, 2001

I've added a CLEAN DATABASE option for the sysop (for now, me...), and cleaned up the databases, getting rid of all the OLD pools from last year that are no longer active. I've also added a SORT to every program that makes you pick the pool, to help you in finding it. Don't forget, you can always hit the first letter of your pool multiple times to bring it up faster! (It works better if there aren't many with the same first letter, such as my test pool "ZTEST 128" hehehe).

For those of you that may be interested in purchasing the football pool software to run on your own web site, I've increased the price to $169.95. Because of the massive improvments I've made to this software, I think it's definetly worth it. Contact me at if you wish to purchase this software for your own web site. Comes with a license to use the source code! I've still got a huge backlog of requests for improvements, so look for more changes and upgrades as the weeks go by. Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions and requests!

Saturday September 29, 2001
Massive improvments to the system installed today! The TIE-BREAKER system now sorts using the tie-break all the way down the list! That means, for example, in the "show picks", if there are 4 people tied for 5th place, even those people will be sorted by who was closer to the tie breaker. This even comes into play in the overall stats. The "show picks" program is now SORTED, and shows the tie-breaker game and score at the bottom.