Override Point Spreads

This override program can be used for 3 things. Check the radio button for the thing you want to do:

Type of games to override:

1. Override Point Spreads
Point spreads automatically go in with a deadline of Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST. This works for most game runners, but some game runners prefer to have the spreads updated AFTER the deadline. For example, sometimes due to injuries or whatever, on Tuesday night the spreads are still ZERO (no line). Then later the spreads may come in. This gives us a dilemma: if we change the spreads after Tuesday, some people get angry that the spreads were changed AFTER they made their picks. If we DON'T change the spreads after Tuesday at 8:00 PM, some people get angry because one team is obviously going to be favored. We solve that dilemma by giving YOU the ability to put in whatever spreads you want at whatever time you want. The main advantage of this is that you get yelled at instead of us... :)

2. Delete Certain Games
You can also use this screen to DELETE certain games. Some pools prefer, for example, to get rid of the Thursday games, because it's too hard for everyone to get their picks in on time. If you delete a game in this screen, it will NOT show up in Make Picks or Show Picks: it will be as if the game never existed...
This also comes in handy for college bowl pools. If you don't want to have all the 32 or so bowls in your pool, you can just delete the bowl games you don't want

3. Override the Tie Breaker Game for a Week
Normally the tie breaker game is the LAST game of the week. Sometimes game runners want to have a different tie breaker in certain weeks. Note: if you ALWAYS want a certain team to be the tie breaker, e.g. the Coyboys game is the tie breaker, you do NOT use this program. You set that up in Modify Football Pool.

4. Override the Game Order
You can change the order of your games the way you would like them.

5. Remove existing overrides
Completely take out any existing overrides you have put in. This will put you back to using the normal games setup in the system. You may need to do this if you run into problems

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