Setup New Football Pool - Basic Options

Enter the name for your pool. E.g. Wigets Inc. Football Pool:
Pool Name:

Choose your pool type. This will pre-set your advanced options to match your pool. If not sure, leave at Normal. This can be changed later.
Pool Type:

Enter the initial password players will use to get into the game (note: case does not matter on passwords):

Player Initial Password:

Enter the password used by the game runner (you) to control the game:

Game Runner Password:

Enter email address of the game runner. This will be displayed to players to email any questions or problems to. This is also used by the webmaster to communicate with the Pool Runners. Note: a valid email address is REQUIRED (for the Game-Runner ONLY)

Game Runner Email:   Re-enter email address:

Use point spreads?

Every pool gets it's own Personal Page. For example, the personal page for "Andy's 2013 NFL Pool" might be andys.htm The only restriction is no spaces, and no special characters (except underscores). Put the page name only in here. On the internet, your page will be under our domain, for example, So don't try to put in "http" or "" or anything like that. Again, in the above example, it would be just "andys.htm":

Personal Page Name:

Set your deadline. Note: all games are automatically grayed out 5 minutes before game time. So you don't need to worry about Thursday and Saturday games: deadlines aren't as important as they used to be. However, you still need a deadline so that certain reports will work correctly. When in doubt, just set it to Sunday at 1:00 PM Also, you need to set your deadline based on Eastern Standard Time.
Deadline Day:

Deadline Time (IE: 11:30): (Eastern Standard Time)