Welcome to the home of the Office Football Pool. We have now expanded into other pools, such as the Survior Pool, the Squares Pool (you can use that for the Super Bowl or playoff games), NCAA and NBA Pools, March Madness and Sweet Sixteen Pool.

To set up a new pool or go to an existing pool, use the following links:

Office Football Pool

Survivor Pool

The forte of this online pool system is that we make it FLEXIBLE, so that we can support the many different requests of our pool-runners. It seems like EVERYONE has a different way to run their pool. Our system is made more and more flexible each year as different requests come in. If you want to run your pool a certain way that does not seem to be supported, email me at craigh01@gmail.com, and if possible we can work out custom programming for it. Pool Information Contact me at craigh01@gmail.com for more information.

With CASTLE64.COM's OFFICE FOOTBALL POOL, Survivor Pool, Squares Pool, NCAA Pool, NBA Pool, March Madness Pool, and Sweet Sixteen Pool, it's EASY! Everyone has access to the Web (right?), so everyone can put in their own picks! They can do it at their leisure right from home or... um... even at work... (Watch out for the IT Nazis monitoring your usage...). The games and point spreads are all entered for you! The players enter their own picks. Each week, CASTLE64.COM puts in the actual scores, and the program calculates the winners. Full statistics are kept. And what do you have to do? NOTHING!


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